Wonder Woman Home Entertainment Release

When Warner Bros. chose to collaborate with Intel Drone Light Shows on the home release premiere of the now mega-hit movie Wonder Woman, it’s no wonder that a team of smart, accomplished, and confident women spearheaded the project. In September of 2017 in Los Angeles, 300 Intel drones lit up the night sky in a shining superhero tribute to Diana, Princess of Themyscira.

Category Movie & TV Premieres
Client Warner Bros.
Agency Ultra Productions, Inc.
Location Los Angeles, CA
impact 1 billion online views

Launched from Dodger Stadium, the drones, which can create four billion color combinations using their embedded LED lights, created a dazzling, modern tribute to the character created in 1941 by writer William Moulton Marston and artist Harry G. Peter. Aptly named “Wonder Woman in the Sky,” the show highlighted imagery from the film, including an illuminated animation of Princess Diana kneeling with a sword. As the drones formed the words Power, Grace, Wisdom, and Wonder Woman, the expressive electric cellist Tina Guo played a powerful live performance on the ground below.

It wasn’t just the skies that lit up that evening – social channels also lit up with more than 1 billion views. Generations of fans of the Wonder Woman comic books, movies, and television show called the light show “epic,” “totally amazing,” “mind-blowing,” “incredible,” and “fantastic” among other attributes. This spectacular performance was #WonderWomanPower at its best.

Amazing night! Hundreds of drones over the skis of LA to celebrate the Blu-ray release. Wow!!!

Patty Jenkins, Director, Wonder Woman