Illuminate Your Story with Intel® Drone Light Shows

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Introducing Intel® Drone Light Show Premium

Our newest drone show technology delivers faster speeds, longer shows, brighter visuals and more. Tell your story with Premium for an experience you’ll never forget.

Featured Shows

In a city famous for staging spectacular events, Dubai is once again grabbing headlines—this time for the Dubai Shopping Festival Drone Light Show. Held over 45 consecutive days, this incredible display features twice-nightly performances of two spectacular shows set against the glittering backdrop of downtown Dubai.

Sponsored by TikTok, performances can be viewed here.

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Bringing joy to families across the United States, this spectacular holiday celebration showcased our Premium drone show technology, including dazzling 3D animations, faster drone speeds, and brighter colors.

The inaugural performance was featured on Walmart’s Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok channels and the recording can be viewed here.

World-Class Performances

Intel has a history of creating world-changing technology. Breaking records and winning awards, we have dazzled audiences on some of the world’s biggest stages.
      • Over 35,000 flight hours
      • Over 1,000 performances
      • Across 25 countries
      • 5 world records
      • Multiple Cannes Lions Awards
      • Numerous Clio Awards
      • TEA Thea Award for Technical Innovation

Our skilled animators and world-class operations team blur the boundaries between art and science, making our drone light show one of the most stunning performances you’ll ever see.

Intel® Drone Light Show Premium

Wow your audience with a show unlike any other. This is a one-of-a-kind performance with brighter visuals, dynamic 3D animations created with effortless movement, and improved weather tolerance with flexible show configurations.

Intel® Drone Light Show Classic

Our drone light show technology is ready to enthrall your audience. Tell your story or share your brand with a dazzling, colorful, and memorable show.

Leaders in Drone Light Show Technology

Purpose Built Drone Light Show Technology 
3D Dynamic Animations; Built in Previs and Built In Effects Engine 
Timecode Interface 
Smallest Operational Space Needed 
Number of Operations People on the Ground4 People for a 200 Drone Show;
6 People for a 500 Drone Show;
No Additional Volunteers/ Local Labor Needed
Time to Create AnimationsHours
Time to Prep for ShowWeeks
(Will be extended if there are additional aviation waivers needed)
Show Duration11 Min
Max Show DurationEndless
Wind Tolerance11 M/S or 24.6 MPH
Max Show Speed6 M/S or 13.4 MPH
Number of LEDS/Drone4

Capabilities listed are for all Intel® Drone Light Shows. Technical specs listed here are for Intel® Drone Light Show Premium.

Award-Winning Experiences

From the Olympics to Coachella to the Super Bowl, our groundbreaking drone light shows have garnered billions of social media views, made history with record-breaking performances, and received top honors.

How It Works

Find out how we plan, develop, and perform drone light shows and learn about our strong safety record.

We understand the current challenges of planning for your business or event. That’s why we’re offering more flexibility when you choose Intel® Drone Light Shows before the end of 2020.2
  1. Prices include on site operations, animations, rehearsals, aviation permits, and site survey. Costs associate with the shipment of drones and Intel operations team travel will be added to the final quote. Client is responsible for expenses related to onsite infrastructure.
  2. Certain restrictions will apply.