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We Bring Your Vision to Life

When you partner with us, we work with you to create the most extraordinary performance possible. Our collaborative approach begins with a deep dive into your creative vision and marketing goals. From there, our dedicated team helps you meticulously plan, produce, and execute every aspect of your unique show.

Our Process

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During this initial phase, we identify safe flight areas, spectator positions, and optimal viewing angles. At the same time, we work toward acquiring the necessary aviation approvals. Although we prefer a lead time of two or three months, we have put shows together in a matter of weeks. Keep in mind, timing can vary depending on shipping requirements, aviation authorizations, and permitting requirements.


Every Intel drone light show begins with a vision. Using sketches, storyboards, and music development, our creative team will work with you to evolve your concept into a unique story. Once the narrative is defined, the technical work of bringing your show to life begins. Using 3D modeling and animation software, we compute the motion path and trajectories of the drones.


We work hard to ensure every drone is perfectly choregraphed. Using Intel simulation software, you’ll be able to preview the trajectories and LED sequences of your performance before we test and validate the drones. In the weeks leading up to the show, our operations team ships our equipment, finalizes security protocols, and stages the airfield.


As the sun sets, our licensed pilots and professional show controllers run final safety and equipment checks, ensuring your audience a spectacular experience. By enabling a single computer to control an entire fleet of drones, our proprietary performance software streamlines safety and risk assessment, drone tracking, and regulation compliance.

We Put Safety First

Our drones perform on the world’s largest stages because we have earned the trust of international aviation authorities and meet or exceed industry safety standards.

Purpose-Built Drones

Designed specifically for light shows, our drones are lightweight, incorporate unmatched safety features such as encased propellers, and are engineered to be more tolerant of real-world performance conditions.

Drone Operators

Professional Drone Operators

Our highly trained drone operators are licensed pilots with years of aviation experience. They are experts in risk management, worldwide aviation regulations, and weather and airspace awareness.

Intel Drone Light Shows Geomapping

Redundant Safety Measures

Every performance includes a wide range of safety measures, including geofences with generous buffers, multiple trained visual observers, and built-in emergency protocols.