St. Patrick's Festival

Created in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, Orchestra of Light is a specially commissioned film that filled the skies above Dublin with 500 dazzling drones. Telling a powerful story of love, hope, and homethis uplifting tribute was watched over a million times within days of its YouTube release. 

Created by St. Patrick’s Festival, Tourism Ireland, and Dublin City Council and delivered in collaboration with Intel and Actavo Events, the film was prerecorded to capture exceptional footage of the spectacular animationsWe’re thrilled that our first-ever public performance in Ireland was the opportunity to help deliver such a heartfelt message.  

Category Festivals | Holidays
Client Actavo Events
Location Dublin, Ireland
Impact 1M+ media views in 24 hours

Celebrated throughout the world, St. Patrick’s Day is the annual call to throw off the long, dark months of winter and toast the brighter spring days ahead. And although in-person festivities have been put on hold for the moment, St. Patrick’s Festival, Tourism Ireland, and Dublin City Council wanted to share the holiday’s uplifting message with the world.

To accomplish this, they commissioned a beautifully produced film featuring a series of symbolic animations developed by St. Patrick’s Festival designer Aiden Grennelle. Bringing his formations to life, our perfectly synchronized drones created a mesmerizing 3D Celtic knot, musicians playing traditional Irish instruments, and even a couple Irish dancing. The grand finale was a spectacular explosion of vibrant green shamrocks that seamlessly morphed into words wishing the world a Happy St Patrick’s Day.

Featuring an original soundtrack, the film’s music was scored by the well-known Irish composers Eimear Noone and Craig Stuart Garfinkle. The duo collaborated with the RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra and the popular Irish pop band Picture This to create a special reworked version of their latest single “Things Are Different.”

We are sharing the film with our millions of fans and followers on social media around the world – wishing them a Happy St. Patrick’s Day and reminding them that we cannot wait to roll out the green carpet and welcome them to the island of Ireland, as soon as it is possible to do so.

Niall Gibbons, Chief Executive of Tourism Ireland