Intel-Powered Technology

From our purpose-built drones and trusted safety systems to our state-of-the-art animation and performance control software, discover what makes Intel the leader in drone light show technology.

Intel Drone Light Shows Premium Drone

Premium Drones

Our next-generation Premium drones are brighter, faster, and have improved positional accuracy for crisper animations. With four LEDs, their increased luminosity makes them perfect for settings with high ambient light, such as cities. They also have an increased wind tolerance and require less air and ground space.

Standard Show Time11 minutes
Max Show TimeLimitless or Extended
Number of LEDs4
Wind toleranceUp to 11 m/s
Minimum Airfield442 sq m
Weight340 grams
Charge Time30+ minutes
Intel Drone Light Shows Classic Drone

Classic Drones

Taking center stage in such high-profile performances as the Opening Ceremony of the PyeongChang Olympics, our Classic drones have dazzled audiences across the globe for years. Ideal for budget-conscious clients, these drones are an excellent option for locations with low ambient light and where landing space is plentiful.

Standard Flight Time8 minutes
Max Show TimeExtended
Number of LEDs1
Wind toleranceUp to 7 m/s
Minimum Airfield1,127 sq m
Weight310 grams
Charge Time60+ minutes

Animation Software

Our customized animation software enables our world-class creative team to quickly design, test, and simulate 3D imagery. By automating the animation process, we can have an entire performance ready for client review within weeks. This software also helps ensure the safety of our performances by automatically mapping collision-free trajectories between both the drones themselves and physical obstacles such as buildings.

Performance Software

Developed by Intel specifically for our shows, our cutting-edge performance control software enables a single computer to manage an entire fleet of hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of drones. From setting geofences to running fleet checks before flights, this robust software allows us to streamline safety and risk assessments, drone tracking, and regulation compliance.