Prices starting at $99K USD

We create extraordinary performances of all types and sizes. Whether you’re interested in a one-time event, an extended showtime with consecutive launches, multiple performances per night, long-term residencies, or even a multi-city tour, we’ll help turn your idea into reality.

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200 Classic Drones

Prices Start at $99K USD

Ideal for simple logos and organic shapes, where landing space is limited, or staggered launches.

300 Classic Drones

Prices Start at $149K USD

Wow your audience with dynamic animations, including vivid 3D shapes, figures, and text.

300 Premium Drones

Prices Start at $199K USD

Make a striking statement with bold 3D animations and attention-grabbing line drawings.

500 Premium Drones

Prices Start at $299K USD

Fill the sky with exceptionally detailed 3D animations and beautifully rendered logos, text, and line art.

500+ Premium or Classic Drones

Custom Pricing

Spectacular live, virtual, and hybrid events featuring hundreds, even thousands, of drones.

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  • 200 Classic
  • 300 Classic
  • 500+ Classic
  • 500+ Premium