Guinness World Records

Although today we can launch thousands of drones in a single performance, it’s fun to look back at how quickly our technology has developed. Back in 2016, Intel put a fleet of 500 drones to the test in Germany, achieving what no other company had done before and, in the process, setting a Guinness World Record for the most drones flown simultaneously. The fact that Intel broke its own previous record of 100 drones from 2015 made this achievement even more rewarding for the team.

Category Celebrations
Client Intel
Location Hamburg, Germany
Drones 500 Classic
impact 2016 Guinness World Record

On October 7, 2016, on a football field in Hamburg, Germany, the team launched 500 drones with the Guinness World Records representative there witnessing, timing, recording, and counting the drones. Flying for over a minute, the drones formed the number 500 and the Intel logo. With this historic performance, Intel demonstrated to the world that drone light shows had the potential to redefine entertainment and create amazing new experiences in the night sky.

The difference between 100 and 500 drones is mind blowing.

Natalie Cheung, Intel Drone Light Shows