Bellagio Hotel Spectacular at CES

Intel launched a mesmerizing drone light show on the Las Vegas Strip as part of the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Produced in collaboration with Clarity Creative Group, the twice-nightly performance took place above at the iconic Fountains of the Bellagio. Thrilling the 180,000 tech enthusiasts who attended the world’s largest consumer electronics conference, as well as surprised passersby, 250 Intel drones flew high over the 1,200 water jets of the iconic “no one can walk by without taking a photo” fountain.

Category Celebrations | Tradeshow
Client Clarity Creative Group
Location Las Vegas, NV
Drones 250 Classic
impact 77K YouTube views

Intel’s lightweight drones are designed specifically for light shows. Professional animators time the drones to fly, dance, and form shapes and images in perfect synchronization. The drones are controlled by Intel’s animation software and can be operated by a single computer and pilot. At the Bellagio/CES show, the night sky above the hotel and fountains lit up for a week with images of stars, diamonds, hearts, and the quintessential fountain itself.

As attendees and exhibitors descended upon one of the most dazzling cities in the world, they were treated to a bit of history – the first-ever drone light show on the Las Vegas strip.  

We use the sky as a 3D canvas for something creative. It's a new way of storytelling in the sky. It's a different aspect of how you can merge tech and art together.

Natalie Cheung, Manager of Intel Drone Light Shows