When Samsung wanted to introduce two new electronic products to the world, they teamed up with their trusted partner Intel, not only to build the products, but to launch the celebration itself. On April 30, 2021, in the night skies over Folsom, California, a vivid performance of light by 1,000 Intel drones took place, aptly named “Soar.” 

Category Product Launches
Client Samsung
Location Folsom, CA
Impact 72,000 YouTube views

The spectacular speed, agility, and near weightlessness of the Intel drones were a fitting way to showcase the South Korean conglomerate’s new products: the Galaxy Book Pro laptop and the 2-in-1 Galaxy Book Pro 360. Imagine seeing in the dark sky a thousand tiny lights forming a larger-than-life 3D laptop and you can almost envision what captivated viewers on the ground experienced.

In a fitting tribute to the winning collaboration between Intel and Samsung, a Galaxy Book Pro 360 was also used to program the show. To date, the performance has been viewed more than 72,000 times on YouTube. For those watching live or on their screens, the vision of 1,000 lights in the sky was a beautiful sight, appropriate for the name Samsung, which when translated, means three stars.

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John Doe, Chief Marketing Officer at Samsung