Top Five Questions

Whether you’ve been following our performances for years or were blown away by our recent launch at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, we know you have questions about how we plan, create, and execute our incredible displays. Here are answers to the top five.

1. What does staging an Intel Drone Light Show require?

When you’re performing live, there’s only one chance to get it right, which is why we work with you to plan every detail. From aviation permits and site planning to animation design, staging, and execution, our experienced team helps make your show the brightest in the sky.


2. What kind of drIntel Drone Light Shows Premium Droneones do you use?

We have two types to choose from: our next-generation Premium drone and our Classic drone. While they are both lightweight and designed for safety, our Premium drone features four high-power LEDs for increased luminosity, improved position accuracy, longer flight times, and faster speeds. Our Classic drone, meanwhile, is the first purpose-built for our light shows and is ideal for budget-conscious customers.


3. Who will design my show?

Our creative team will work with you or your agency of record, event marketing partner, or production company to develop your ideas into a unique visual narrative. Once your story is defined, our master artists and animators will create your spectacular performances using our own 3D modeling and animation software. By automating the animation process, we can have an entire performance ready for client review within weeks.

4. What’s the lead time for a show?

Ideally, two or three months, but we have put shows together in a matter of weeks. Keep in mind, timing can vary depending on shipping requirements, aviation authorizations, and permitting requirements.


5. Are Intel Drone Light Shows safe?Intel Drone Light Shows Geomapping

We have performed on some of the world’s largest stages because we have earned the trust of aviation administrations around the world. We meet or exceed industry safety standards, have drones purpose-built for light shows, work with dedicated teams of highly trained drone operators and your team of event or production planners, and use Intel-customized software to manage flight operations from a single computer.


Have a project you’d like to discuss? Our sales team is happy to chat about how we can collaborate and answer any other questions you may have. Contact us here.