We’re Lighting Up the Sky This Holiday Season

In a year of unexpected challenges, the Walmart Holiday Drone Show is lifting spirits and delighting families throughout the United States by reimagining the cherished tradition of holiday lights. Let’s end the year looking up!

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The Can’t Miss Event of the Season

Created in collaboration with Walmart, our first-ever drone light show tour features dynamic seasonal animations such as fluttering snowflakes, prancing reindeer, and colorful holiday presents that dance across the night sky perfectly synchronized to a soundtrack of classic and modern holiday favorites.

This unforgettable spectacular performance showcases our latest Intel Drone Light Show Premium technology with nearly 1000 drones in the night sky.

Watch the inaugural performance which was featured on Walmart’s Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok channels.

We Make It All Come Together

Across the world, people are more eager than ever to be entertained in safe, socially distanced ways, making Intel® Drone Light Shows Premium the ideal entertainment experience. When you work with us, our professional team of engineers, animators, and operation managers masterfully create and execute your unique show to bring joy and wonder to life with exceptional 3D animations, faster drone speeds, and brighter visuals. All you need to do is look up and enjoy the performance—we handle the rest!
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Now’s Your Time to Shine

Imagine a crowd staring up in awe as hundreds of Intel Shooting Star™ 3 drones illuminate the night sky. Set to music and perfectly synchronized, this dazzling display could be your story – your brand imagery, your 3D animations, your logo – playing out in an unforgettable experience that can be shared throughout the world.

Intel® Drone Light Show Premium

300 Drones Starting at USD $199K1
500 Drones Starting at USD $299K1
We understand the current challenges of planning for your business or event. That’s why we’re offering more flexibility when you choose Intel® Drone Light Shows before the end of 2020.2
  1. Prices include on site operations, animations, rehearsals, aviation permits, and site survey. Costs associate with the shipment of drones and Intel operations team travel will be added to the final quote. Client is responsible for expenses related to onsite infrastructure.
  2. Certain restrictions will apply.