Intel® Drone Light Show Premium

The brightest, most dynamic drone light show your audience will experience, our Premium offering features the new Intel® Shooting Star™ 3 drone. These performances showcase exceptional 3D animations, faster speeds, heightened resolution, unlimited colors, and longer performance times. Choreographed to music, our shows create an immersive experience that blurs the line between imagination and technology.

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300 Drones Starting at USD $199K1

Wow your audience with vivid, electric lights and impressive 3D animations.

500 Drones Starting at USD $299K1

Fill the sky with flowing and lively 3D animations with swift transitions that move like motion graphics.

Unlimited Colors

Four gamma correction LEDs in each drone emit brilliant lights with stunning, true colors to create a one-of-a-kind, vivid experience.

Reduced Footprint

Our Premium package has a smaller footprint by over thirty percent compared to our Classic system. Our custom-designed and tightly integrated light show system and launch pads mean more drones can launch from smaller spaces.

Increased Positional Accuracy

The latest GPS technology enables increased positional accuracy for tighter flight formations, sharp imagery, higher resolutions, and more graceful 3D animations in limited show spaces.

Designed for Superior Storytelling

Improved aerodynamics enables increased speed for swift movements and more agile transitions in increased wind limits.

Custom Automated Technology

State-of-the-art launch pads enable drone auto landing, automatic animation uploads, and faster charging times. This allows larger, longer, and sequential performance options with fewer than five people on-site.

Flexible Show Configurations

Our flexible system enables:

  • Numerous animations within the same performance
  • Multiple fleets for extended showtimes
  • Accommodations for limited, complex environments
  • Enhanced weatherproofing
  • Upgraded temperature and wind tolerance

Intel® Drone Light Show Premium System

With safety and spectacular performance in mind, this proprietary, state-of-the-art technology is used exclusively for Premium performances. Our show controller hardware and software work together to provide an exceptional drone experience:

      • Reduced airfield space by over 30%, when compared to our Classic show
      • Fast animation design
      • Increased operational efficiency
      • Optimized drone and software capabilities
      • Faster charging

Intel® Shooting Star 3 Drones

Our industry-leading drones are purpose-built for light shows with built-in safety features, lightweight, soft-plastic construction propeller guards, and many more features:

      • Emits a brighter glow for audience experience
      • Improved aerodynamics enabling more agile transitions
      • Increased wind stabilization allowing performances in variable weather conditions
      • Accelerated velocity and high-performance speeds for more scenes per show