Intel® Drone Light Show Classic

Audiences around the globe have been enthralled by our drone light shows. With 2D and 3D animations and over four billion LED color combinations, each Intel® Shooting Star drone serves as a pixel of light painting the night sky.

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200 Drones Starting at USD $99K1

The ideal choice for 2D imagery and when landing space is limited.

300 Drones Starting at USD $149K1

Paint the night sky with dynamic 3D animations.

Lively 3D Animations

With backgrounds from the video game and film industries, our skilled artists and animators create spectacular and unforgettable performances.

Bright Colors

Built-in LEDs are capable of creating four billion color combinations to create vibrant and consistent lighting.

World Record and Award-Winning Drones

Our shows are some of the most identifiable and celebrated across the globe. We’ve been recognized and awarded by Cannes Lions, The Themed Entertainment Association, The Clio Awards, The One Club, and more.

Flawless Safety Record

Our shows and years of expertise and experience have built a safety record that speaks for itself. Our dedication to safety protocol has earned the trust of aviation administrations around the world.

Purpose-Built Drone Light Show Technology

Our proprietary and purpose-built technology is built with safety in mind and features our one-of-a-kind drone launch pads to reduce operations on-site, thus creating faster charging between shows.

Intel® Shooting Star Classic System

Specifically developed for our drone light shows, our innovative show control center enables a single computer to control an entire fleet of drones. Custom-designed software automates the animation process, enabling us to design volumetric shapes and lively 3D visuals in a matter of weeks. Finally, our proprietary launch pads reduce operations support on the ground, creating more drones per space in the airfield.

Intel® Shooting Star Drones

Intel® Shooting Star drones are purpose-built for light shows, creating lively, 3D animations and over four billion LED color combinations. Built-in safety features include propeller guards and a lightweight, soft-plastic construction.