US AIr Force Academy

US Air Force Academy pride was in full gear as cadets not only witnessed two spectacular drone light shows but engaged in the organizing and setup of the action. The two-day event, held October 30 and November 1 of 2019, was planned to illicit Falcon team pride ahead of the Air Force vs. Army college football game.

Category Sporting Events
Client US Air Force Academy
Location Colorado Springs, CO
Drones 500 Classic

In attendance on the first day of the show were three- and four-star generals from the USAF and 6,000 USAFA cadets. Visitors, football attendees, and the general public from the Colorado Springs area were invited to attend the second show. The 500-drone spectacular began with a journey into outer space with images of flying saucers and aliens. Next, it morphed into AF history with a rotating globe, fighter jets, falcons, and more. Bright lights, brilliant colors, and music completed the scene.

Predictably, football was a running theme throughout the show, which also featured helmets and a sky-high “BEAT ARMY” message at the finale. True to form, the US Air Force Falcons beat the Army Black Knights in a score of 17-13.

The hardware giant made use of its drone technology to ensure that, under the cover of darkness, the only thing viewers could see was the spectacular light formations of over 500 drones on display.