US AIr Force Academy

500 Classic Intel drones light up the sky above the iconic Cadet Chapel at the United States Air Force Academy located in Colorado Springs, Colorado for two nights.

Category Sporting Events
Client US Air Force Academy
Location Colorado Springs, CO
Drones 500 Classic

While the stunning image of the world hovered over the stadium, John Lennon’s beloved song “Imagine,” arranged by Hans Zimmer, provided a heartfelt accompaniment. Sung by John Legend, Keith Urban, Beninese singer-songwriter Angelique Kidjo, Spanish performer Alejandro Sanz, and the Suginami Children’s Choir, the rendition provided a stirring soundtrack to the performance that quickly became a social media sensation.

Beyond the technological and artistic achievement of the drone performance, Intel also played a key role in bringing forward new technologies in many other aspects of the games. From Intel True View and 3D Athlete Tracking technologies to 5G-connected video, Intel helped flame the excitement for fans around the world. #tokyo2020 #inteldronelightshows.


If we were to pick a single highlight to sum up the opening ceremony, it would be the breathtaking drone display... It was truly a jaw-dropping moment.