ELevate sydney festival

When Destination NSW and AGB Events wanted to create and produce the largest illuminated drone light show in Australia for the ELEVATE SkyShow Sydney, the team reached out to Intel Drone Light Shows to help bring their vision to life. Uniquely, blending art and technology, 500 Intel illuminated drones flew high above the magnificent Sydney Harbour for a multi-night performance, January 1 – 5, 2022.  

Category Festivals | Celebrations | Holidays
Customer Destination NSW
agency AGB Events
Location Sydney, Australia
Drones 500 Premium | 5 Nights
Impact 30K attendees | 60K+ YouTube views

Photo credit: Daniel Griffiths, Destination NSW

The captivated attendees were treated to a synchronized 3D animated light show honoring the ancient Eora People, along with colorful dazzling images of the beautiful Australian flora and fauna as well as the timeless adventures that await summer travelers to Sydney.

Set to an original soundtrack composed by artist DOBBY, the drones danced to powerful orchestral sounds, energetic beats, and indigenous language, bringing First Nations culture to the forefront.

The innovation and technology offered by the Intel drones is really exciting – they are environmentally friendly with zero emissions, you can create a narrative and tell a story, and the possibilities are endless - they really are the future of major events

Anthony Bastic, AGB Events CEO