Intel Costa Rica's 25th Anniversary

In anticipation of its 25th anniversary celebration in Costa Rica, Intel partnered with the Municipality of San Jose to also commemorate Costa Rica’s 200 years of independence with a drone light show. The event was held on September 15, 2021, exactly 200 years to the day that Costa Rica declared its autonomy from Spain.

Category Celebrations
Client Intel Costa Rica
Location San Jose, Costa Rica
Drones 500 Premium

“Another level of spectacular,” commented one YouTuber. Stunning, indeed, with 500 illuminated drones forming images of the country’s history including its flag, coat of arms, a silhouette of the country, a rotating globe, the Arenal Volcano, a sloth bear (the unofficial animal and symbol of the country), and much more. The event took place over San Jose’s Estadio Nacional, or National Stadium. In attendance were the President and First Lady of Costa Rica, Carlos Alvarado and Claudia Dobles, as well as the Mayor of San Jose, Jhonny Araya.

Other YouTube comments included “excellent,” “incredible,” and “beautiful show.” One loved, “The evolution of the stages of the history of Costa Rica in the celebration of the bicentennial of independence.” In November of 2021, Intel launched another drone show in San Jose to celebrate its own anniversary in Costa Rica.

At Intel Costa Rica there is much to celebrate since it is 25 years of the contribution of Costa Ricans to the Intel Corporation and to the economic and social development of the country. We hope you have enjoyed the show and we thank the Municipality of San José, as the organizer of the event, for allowing us to participate in such an important celebration.

Ileana Rojas, General Manager of Intel Costa Rica