CEBIT Conference 2018

In the 1970s they were called Computer Shows – 48 years later, this “Festival for Innovation and Digitization” introduced the latest in artificial intelligence, robots, cyber security, virtual reality, and drones. It was a natural series of events that Intel and its own drone show made an appearance at the 2018 CeBIT conference in Hanover, Germany.

Category Trade Shows
Client Intel Germany
Location Hanover, Germany
Drones 300 Classic
impact 1M YouTube views

Organized by Deutsche Messe AG and established in 1970, the festival showcased the latest trends in technology, conducted panel discussions, invited leading IT professionals to speak, and introduced new products. On the second night of the show, which was held June 11-15, 2018, the night sky lit up with colorful IT-related images including mirrored robots, who, like twins, stared at each other and turned their heads in perfect synchronization.

The performance, which grabbed more than 100,000 hits on YouTube, elicited comments about the drone show such as “In 3D!”  “Really cool!” and “Impressive!” For the curious, CeBIT is short for: Centrum für Büroautomation, Informationstechnologie und Telekommunikation.