AWS: Intersect Music Festival with Kacey Musgraves

When it’s the first of its kind, it needs to arrive with a big bang – which is how the first Amazon Music Festival made its debut in Las Vegas to a crowd of 15,000 on December 6 -7, 2019.  Named “Intersect,” the festival’s mission was to connect people with music and technology. AWS and Intel collaborated to produce a special drone show during the first evening’s performance of Grammy-award-winning singer Kacey Musgraves.   

Category Concerts | Festivals
Client Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Location Las Vegas, NV
Drones 500 Classic
impact 808K+ YouTube views

While Musgraves belted out her song, “Oh, What A World,” 500 Intel drones lit up the bright skies of Las Vegas with feel-good images of hearts, smiles, and other 3D shapes. The female-led Intel Drone Light Shows team designing the performance specifically created the show around the song, while looking to Musgrave’s aesthetic, style, songs, and past concerts for inspiration.

The festival had a recurring theme of women in tech, supported by a $50,000 donation by AWS to Girls in Tech, the global nonprofit. The idea behind the drone show was to demonstrate to attendees as well as YouTube watchers (808,000+ views) that all people can come together to enjoy music and spark a new or ongoing interest in technology.

Kacey and Intel both have very large platforms in which they are able to reach more people and the more people that know about Girls in Tech, the more people we’ll see in our programs, and the more volunteers will come on board to produce our events.

Cara Walden, Girls in Tech Director of Chapter Relations