Asian Games 2018

Building excitement for an event that’s 365 days away takes some serious thought as to what might garner the most attention and create the most fervor. How about a drone light show, fireworks, music, and the attendance by the head of state? That might do it.  The Intel Drone Light Show team put on the works in 2017 as part of the continental countdown to the 18th Asian Games.

Category Sporting Events
Location Jakarta, Indonesia
Drones 300 Classic
Client XVIII Indonesian Asian Games Committee

The production included highlighting the host country, the athletes, and the iconic lighting of the torch. Three hundred drones lit up the sky with vibrant images including an athlete carrying a lit torch, a red and white flag, a golden eagle (the national emblem of the host country), and giant block letters spelling out ASIAN GAMES 2018 in the night sky.

The Asian Games, a multi-sport, multiday event encompasses 45 Asian nations and takes place every four years in a different location. In 2018, sporting events ranging from gymnastics to bridge (yes, the card game) to dragon boat canoeing ensued in the Indonesian capital city of Jakarta and Palembang. What may qualify as the coolest entrance by any sitting president was the one by Joko (Jokowi) Widodo, president of Indonesia, who dressed in a suit, tie, and black helmet, motorcycled into the Opening Ceremony to the roar of the motor and the 77,000 sports fans in attendance.

For this edition of the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) we worked closely with our partners at Intel to stage the incredible DSF Drone Light Show that has amazed residents and visitors since the opening day of the festival on December 17.

Ahmed Al Khaja, CEO of Dubai Festivals and Retail Establishment