Apollo 11 Moon Landing
50th Anniversary with
Duran Duran

Celebrating half a century of advancing humankind’s dreams and achievements, space innovation was the theme of the evening as Intel and NASA, both technical pioneers in their respective fields, launched a spectacular drone light show performance under a full moon at Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral. Befitting the historical milestone, the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, 300 Intel drones took to the sky accompanied by live music from the internationally known British band Duran Duran.

Category Celebrations | Concerts
Location Kennedy Space Center, FL

Working alongside artists at Studio Drift, an Amsterdam-based artist collective with a focus on technology, the multi-layered production showcased swooping drones, a dramatically lit stage flanked by multiple NASA rockets, and original images of the Apollo 11 adventure that captivated the world in 1969. Titled “Franchise Freedom,” the inspiring display was synchronized to a live performance of Duran Duran performing “The Universe Alone,” along with a string ensemble and choir.


Dubbed performance artwork, the production required close collaboration between Intel engineers, NASA scientists, and artists from Studio Drift. Michael Goonan of Good News Network called the drone animations, “a spellbinding replica of starlings in slow-moving flight.” Intel developed its drones in part to bring together the ternary orbits of performance, technology, and art, and so it was a fitting tribute to honor the 50th anniversary of America’s own spellbinding event.

I was completely enchanted by what they had created. I’d never seen technology like this be used in such an emotional way.

Nick Rhodes, Duran Duran founder and keyboardist