Intel Arc High Performance Graphics

Traditional adjectives such as dazzling, high-tech, and dramatic don’t quite capture the look and feel of 1,000 brightly lit drones flying, spinning, and swirling above your head like a fast-moving whirlpool. But in September of 2021, such an experience took place as Intel launched a spectacular nighttime display to announce the upcoming unveiling of Intel Arc, a high-performance graphics product to be released in early 2022.

Category Product Launch
Client Intel Arc
Location Folsom, CA
Drones 1,000 Premium

Built for gamers, Arc delivers immersive visuals, seamless game streaming, and creation experiences for desktops and laptops. Celebrating the gaming community’s enthusiasm for Arc’s release, the drone performance featured a dizzying display of immersive 3D animations such as laptops and graphics cards, ending with the words, “Let’s Play.”

Unsurprisingly, YouTube lit up after the drone show and product announcement with more than a million views. Intel’s own Graphics team tweeted, “We’ve painted pixels in the sky with 1,000 Intel drones. Now, that’s a visual experience. What will you create next?”

Our commitment to this vision is writing a new story for Intel. We all have a story to tell. A story has a structure with a plot and character inflections. Every game, gamer, and creator has a story and every story has an arc.

Roger Chandler, Intel Graphics Product Team