PIA Industrial Zone

In celebration of the inauguration of the Plateforme Industrielle D’Adetikope (PIA), an agricultural industrial zone of the Republic of Togo, 540 Intel drones lit up the night sky above the city of Lomé. The spectacular performance was enjoyed by a wide national audience, including VIPs, dignitaries, investors, and the President of Togo, Faure Gnassingbé.

Category Celebrations | Grand Openings
Client Plateforme Industrielle D’Adetikope (PIA)
Drones 500+ Premium
Location Togo, West Africa

It was a night of musical performances, presentations, honorary speeches, and a dedication ceremony culminating with the country’s first-ever drone light show. Featuring 14 animations, the drones filled the night sky with blooming cotton flowers, an animated cotton baler, an industrial fabric roller, a roll of fabric unfurling, and the logos of partners involved in the major project.

Produced in collaboration with ARISE Integrated Industrial Platforms (IIP) and the country of Togo, PIA is expected to create 35,000 employment opportunities and generate income by developing, financing, building, and managing the local processing and exportation of agricultural products, including cotton. Shared on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and digital national publications, viewers were thrilled to share in the celebration of the project that will brighten the future livelihood of Togolese people.

The sensational show really does mark a true evolution in traditional theme park entertainment, as it uses nearly 400 drones to animate a spectacular Dollywood-exclusive story.

Wes Ramey, writer, Dollywood website and blog