We Make It All
Come Together

When you choose Intel® Drone Light Shows, all you need to do is look up and enjoy your show—we handle the rest! Learn more about how our professional team of engineers, animators, and operation managers masterfully create and execute our unique shows.

Our Process

There’s a lot that goes into creating a drone light show—permits and site planning, design and animation, staging and execution. Our experienced team takes care of all of that, ensuring your show is the brightest in the sky.

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During this initial phase, we identify safe flight areas and audience positions. In order to analyze show location, we consider optimal viewing angles through a virtual and physical site survey. Also during this time, we work toward acquiring the necessary aviation approvals.



Every Intel® Drone Light Show begins with a vision. With sketches, storyboards, and music development, our creative team works with you to evolve your concept into a unique visual narrative.



Once your story is defined, the technical work of bringing your show to life begins. Using 3D modeling and animation software, we compute the motion path and trajectories of each drone.



Once ensured that every drone is perfectly choreographed to your soundtrack, the drones are tested and validated using Intel® simulation software, which previews the trajectories and LED sequences of your show. At this stage, you can see what your drone light show will look like before the live event!



Our operations team ships our equipment in the weeks leading up to your performance. A few days before your show, our team loads in, sets up the airfield, tests the drones, and finalizes security protocols.



As the sun sets, our licensed pilots, professional show controllers, and qualified visual observers get to work. Running final safety and equipment checks, they ensure your audience will have a memorable and breathtaking experience.

We Put Safety First

We make sure to meet or exceed every industry safety standard. With the only drones designed specifically for light shows, Intel® Drone Light Shows have performed on some of the world’s largest stages because we earned the trust of aviation administrations from around the world.

  • Worldwide aviation permits, with almost twenty-five aviation authorities around the world
  • One of the first organizations certified by the US Federal Aviation Administration to fly multiple drones with one pilot at night
  • Over 1,000 performances in almost twenty-five countries
  • Three layers of safety that include hardware, operational safety guidelines, and automatic geofences that are put into the firmware to ensure the drones only fly in a predetermined area

Frequently Asked Questions

Our team is looking forward to answering any questions you may have or providing more details.

We understand the current challenges of planning for your business or event. That’s why we’re offering more flexibility when you choose Intel® Drone Light Shows before the end of 2020.2
  1. Prices include on site operations, animations, rehearsals, aviation permits, and site survey. Costs associate with the shipment of drones and Intel operations team travel will be added to the final quote. Client is responsible for expenses related to onsite infrastructure.
  2. Certain restrictions will apply.