Vivid Sydney 2016

A magnificent display of art and technology, the 2016 drone light show at Vivid Sydney was the world’s first public drone performance. This achievement was just the beginning of many firsts for the show, including the first performance to use 100 drones, the first display held at night, and the first time the team launched drones from a barge.

Category Concerts | Festival
Partner Sydney Opera House
Location Sydney, Australia
impact 1M+ YouTube views

Synchronized to Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, performed live by the Sydney Youth Orchestra, Vivid Sydney festivalgoers were treated to a spectacularly choreographed routine that ran for five consecutive nights. Taking place high above Sydney Harbour, the never-before-seen animations were designed specifically for the performance and included the distinctive sails of the modern expressionist-designed Sydney Opera House.

Bringing together all the color, music, light, technology, and ideas that make Vivid Sydney such an incredible experience, this performance was truly one for the record books. When a festival of light looks this amazing onscreen, imagine how stunning it was to witness in person.

We wanted to give ourselves a little bit of another challenge and have the drones take off on a barge and that really never been done before with 100 drones.

Natalie Cheung, GM, Intel Drone Light Shows