Time Magazine'S Cover SHOT

Over its long history, Time Magazine has featured many iconic covers, but never had they sent to press a cover of drones photographed by a drone. In May of 2018, in Folsom, California, Intel teamed up with Time and Astraeus Aerial to fly 960 drones to create a once-in-a-lifetime magazine cover.

Category Special Events & Celebrations
Location Folsom, CA
Drones Nearly 1,000
impact 3.5M YouTube views

The magazine’s creative director, D.W. Pine, said that in the 95-year history of the magazine, they have never had a cover image that was shot by a drone camera. Intel programmed the drones to form the red and blue border and TIME logo 400 feet above the ground. While in formation, a drone camera supplied by Astraeus Aerial was in the precise position to grab the perfect shot.

The magazine cover, which was titled, “The Drone Age: A Special Report,” was created for the June 2018 issue. First published in 1923, the weekly, now bi-weekly, magazine has produced thousands of issues over the years. This one, in particular, will stand apart for the Intel, Time, and Astraeus Aerial teamwork that brought it to fruition.

I’ve looked at that border and logo every single day on a flat screen monitor. To see it up in the sky at 400 feet in the air was very moving.

D.W. Pine, Creative Director, Time Magazine