SUkma Games 2018

Like their own mini-Olympics, the people of Malaysia hold a national sporting competition that involves more than 7,400 athletes in 29 different sports. For the opening ceremony in September of 2018, they called on the Intel team to kick off the 10-day event with a special 250 drone light show.

Category Sporting Events
Client Sukma XIX 2018 Event Committee
Agency Bsynclive Productions
Location Perak, Malaysia
Drones 250 Classic
impact 205K YouTube views | 27K spectators

Images of the flag of Malaysia, the coat of arms, a ram, and massive letters spelling out the words “Sukma” and “Perak,” the host state for the 2018 games, were seen floating high in the sky above Perak Stadium in Ipoh.  The event, which has been held every two years since 1986, involved 427 sporting competitions in familiar sports such as swimming, gymnastics, tennis, and hockey, as well as sports that are less well known outside the area such as kabaddi, muay, pencak silat, and wushu. Kabaddi, for example, is a tag team contact sport with seven players on each team.

Officially opened by Nazrin Shah, the Sultan of Perak, the games were witnessed by 27,000 spectators in the stadium, thousands of others around the country from home, and about 205,000 avid YouTube watchers. The official motto “Wow! Kita Hebat! (we are great) was joyfully uttered by many. 

Intel Drones at it again! Something new and dazzling was put on show at the 19th Perak Malaysia Games (Sukma) opening ceremony last month.

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