ICONSIAM Grand Opening

When one of the largest shopping malls in Asia opens to the public, it necessitates a truly over-the-top, multi-day event – and with Iconsiam, the developers’ wish was granted. On a November evening in 2018 overlooking the banks of the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok, tens of thousands of people turned out to watch 555 sparkling Intel drones deliver a message of unity and prosperity that included crowd-pleasing animations of a large-scale water goddess and sacred lotus. The second, closing performance featured almost 1,000 drones depicting images of national pride, including a map of the country, a 3D spinning globe of the world, and a Thai flag waving in the warm night air.

Category Grand Openings
Client Iconsiam Management Group
AGENCY Index Creative Village
Location Bangkok, Thailand
Drones Nearly 1000
IMPACT 220K+ YouTube views
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Produced in collaboration with Iconsiam Management Group and staged on two floating pontoons in the Chao Phraya River, this was Thailand’s first large-scale drone light show. The planning of this spectacular three-day event took more than a year and involved a large team, including the Bangkok-based marketing agency Index Creative Village and Intel Technology Asia, who, working with multiple government agencies, coordinated the drones, fireworks, performers, concerts, celebrities, heads of state, and more.

Rivaling New Year’s Eve celebrations in New York and Sydney, this multi-day grand opening was lauded by the press and earned Iconsiam extensive national and international media coverage. Thanks to YouTube, viewers from around the world were able to watch the phenomenal events unfolded while catching alluring glimpses of the highly anticipated $1.6-billion-dollar waterfront destination. It was a “grand” opening in the truest sense of the word.

This event has aimed to be not only [the] talk of the town, but also [the] talk of the world. I set the idea of work beginning from the root of Thainess, being proud of Thai language, arts and culture

Kreingkarn Kanjanapokin, CEO, Index Creative Village